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How to Create 3D Screen Effect in Premiere Pro

Learn how to transform your screen recording or screen capture into a 3d screen effect in Premiere Pro. These steps are quick and easy to complete and will make your footage look so much more professional!

Transcript (Edited)

Hello everyone, and welcome to Mind Island Design. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to turn a screen capture into a 3D screen effect in Premiere Pro.

Here is my screen capture in Premiere Pro. To begin, go down to the effects and search for “Basic 3D,” which is under “Video Effects > Perspective.” Drag “Basic 3D” over to your video track.

Now, under the “Basic 3D” settings, the “Swivel” option lets you rotate your artwork left and right, and the “Tilt” option lets you rotate your artwork up and down. The “Distance to Image” lets you manipulate the z-axis, so it’s kind of like zooming in and out but different from scaling. By adjusting the position, scale, and “Basic 3D” settings, you can achieve your desired starting frame position.

Another effect you can add is “Lens Distortion,” which you can find under “Video Effects > Distortion.” Drag “Lens Distortion” over to your video track, and the setting you want to pay attention to is the “Curvature” option. This will add some curves to your monitor and enhance the 3D effect.

Let’s finally add some motion by enabling our keyframes next to the position, scale, swivel, tilt, and curvature if you want to change the curvature over time. Work backward by playing your timeline and selecting an endpoint where you want your keyframes to end. Once you’re happy with the endpoint, add a keyframe by selecting these little points here to add keyframes. Adjust the start and end keyframes until you’re happy with the overall motion.

Once you’re happy with the motion of your 3D screen effect, make a subsequence by right-clicking and selecting “Subsequence.” Drag that onto your timeline, and this will allow you to add more effects, one of which I’ll be showing you.

In your “Video Effects” panel, find “Gaussian Blur,” which is under “Video Effects > Blur and Sharpen.” Drag that over to your video track. Increase the blurriness, and this is going to be the camera blur.

Once you’re happy with the blur amount, add a clipping mask by selecting the elliptical shape and dragging it over where you want the user’s attention to focus. Adjust the size of that as you please. Invert the mask so the blurriness is on the outside, and the sharpness is within the shape. Adjust your mask expansion, feathering, and opacity until you’re happy with the effect.

The final step is to add some motion to your clipping mask. Enable the stopwatch next to “Mask Path,” choose the beginning and endpoints, and the motion will happen automatically.

Another tip to improve this effect even further is to select all of your keyframes, right-click, and under your “Temporal Interpolation” settings, you can play around with the Bezier or the Easy In/Easy Out features for smoother motion between your keyframes.

That’s how you can easily create a 3D screen effect in Premiere Pro. I hope this tutorial helped. If it did, make sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to not miss any more helpful tips like this. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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