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How to Fade Image In Illustrator with Transparent Gradient

Transcript (Edited)

Today, I want to show you how you can easily add a gradient and fade out an image in Illustrator. There are lots of videos online of people simply adding a shape over their image and applying a gradient fill. Like so. And if we make the black zero opacity and drag this down to the bottom, if this is all you need for a social media post, then basically the tutorial is done for you.

But if you want to print this onto a different color background, as you can see, it is not fading into the background. So, a quick workaround for that is, let me just make the opacity back to 100. You want to make sure that it’s fading from black to white because that will be important later. So, I’m just going to copy that with Command+C and delete.

Now if we select our image and let me just open up this panel here, you want to find your transparency panel. And if you don’t see it here, you can also just go to Windows and select transparency down here. Basically, you’ll want to just make a mask and select your mask layer, and just hit Command+Shift+V to paste back in place.

As you can see, it pasted that gradient onto this mask. So now, if we invert it, it will fade into the background. So, if I drag the image over, as you can see, it’s a gradient, and it’s fading out the image.

So, that is a quick workaround for anyone who wants to fade out an image in Illustrator. I hope this video helped. If it did, please hit subscribe and follow us on all of our social media to stay connected and never miss any tutorial. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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