5 Ways Copywriters Write Irresistible Headlines

Your headline is arguably the most important thing you will write, no matter what kind of content you are creating. If your headline fails to hook the reader, why would they want to read the rest? Your headline has the power to either attract or lose your potential audience. As a result, many seasoned copywriters have spent hours coming up with catchy headlines to make their content more appealing to read. Here are five tried-and-true persuasive headlines to help you grow your traffic.

1. Question Headline

As the title suggests, the question headline asks the reader a question. This type of header draws the reader in because if your question intrigues the reader, they will want the answers to your question! In marketing, this is also called an open loop. By leaving an open-ended question, the brain often seeks out the conclusion. In other words, you are creating a question to spark the reader’s curiosity.

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2. How-To Headlines

The how-to headline is the most popular and one of the most effective headlines you can write. At least, I know this is how I tend to write my question when searching Google. This type of headline is effective when you are writing to inform your reader. This headline works because it suggests an answer to your proposed question and how it can benefit your audience.

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3. Numbered Headline

The numbered headline works well because it suggests to the reader there is more than one valuable piece of information in your content. This headline particularly appeals to your audience short on time looking for a quick read. Numbered headlines, in addition, help your audience with reading ease by making it easier to scan your content and access the information quickly.

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4. Who Else Headline

The who else headline works because it implies to the reader there is proof and success behind the content. This headline uses a recognizable name and compares it to your content to support your writing. This headline is an effective way to give the reader an idea of the goal they are trying to reach.

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5. Weird Trick Headline

The weird trick headline works because it catches your attention and implies a trick you may never have thought of that could help you. This headline has a casual tone. Besides, who isn’t entertained by some weird trick on the internet? Although, a word of caution – improper use of this headline may appear like clickbait advertising.

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