How to Smooth Edges In Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will learn how to smooth pixelated edges and sharpen your image in Photoshop. This technique will allow you to increase the pixel amount around your edges for a higher resolution.

0:00 Create Selection
0:36 Create Channel Mask
0:50 Add Gaussian Blur
1:23 Adjust Levels
2:15 Create Channel Selection
2:28 Create New Layer

First, you will want to hold Control on PC or Command on Mac and click on the image you want to smooth out. Next, you want to go to your channels tab. If you don’t see it with your layers menu, you can go to Windows and select Channels. With your image selected, you’ll want to make a channel mask and then deselect your image.

On your created channel mask, go to Filter > Blur and select Gaussian Blur. The amount of blur you choose for your image is going to vary. In my example, the edges are just blurry and not rough, so my blur amount is low to create a smooth texture. 

Next, you will want to go to Image Adjustments > Levels and play around with the level adjustment arrows. The right knob will make your image bolder, the left makes your image skinnier, and the middle knob does both. Play around with these settings until the edges on your image are sharp and are to your liking, then select OK to save your settings.

Lastly, hold the Control or Command key to select your alpha channel. On your channels tab, go to Layers and create a new layer. Finally, select the Rectangle Selection Tool > Right Click on your selection and choose whatever fill color you want.

Copy this process to refine and smooth any edges in Photoshop.