Top 7 Popular YouTube Thumbnail Trends to Get More Views

These YouTube thumbnail trends are used by some of the biggest content creators on the platform. You’ll find most of these thumbnail formats can be combined with other design trends to effectively attract more viewers. Brainstorm new ideas and increase your viewership by incorporating some of the YouTube thumbnail trends found in this article.

1. Blurred, Pixelated, or Blacked-out Subject

This design trend can pique viewers’ curiosity by hinting at hidden or sensitive content. When a subject is obscured, the thumbnail becomes a teaser, encouraging users to click on the video to uncover the mystery. By using this technique, creators can increase the element of intrigue and captivate potential viewers, leading to higher click-through rates.

2. Before and After or Number of Days

Thumbnails that display “before and after” images or indicate a specific number of days can instantly convey the promise of transformation or progress. Viewers are naturally drawn to content that offers visible results or a timeline of change, making them more likely to click on the video to see the transformation for themselves.

3. Vibrant Colors With High Contrast

Vibrant and high-contrast colors in thumbnails grab viewers’ attention and make the content stand out among the sea of videos. Eye-catching colors can evoke strong emotions and create a sense of urgency, compelling viewers to click on the video to learn more.

4. Using a Heading, Quote, or Question

Adding a bold heading, intriguing quote, or thought-provoking question in the thumbnail can engage potential viewers by giving them a glimpse of the video’s content. This text creates a sense of narrative, prompting users to click to discover the answer or explore the topic further.

5. Including Text With an Arrow or Circle

Incorporating text within an arrow or circle in the thumbnail directs the viewer’s attention to a specific point of interest. This not only guides the viewer’s focus but also teases the content’s main idea, increasing the chances of a click-through to uncover more information about that specific topic.

6. Analytics or Money Going Up or Down

Displaying visual elements such as charts or graphs indicating analytics, or symbols showing money increasing or decreasing, can appeal to viewers interested in data-driven or financial topics. Such thumbnails can signal valuable insights and the potential for financial gain, attracting viewers eager to learn or make informed decisions.

7. Large Number of Money, Days, People, or Objects

Thumbnails featuring large numbers related to money, days, people, or objects can convey abundance, achievement, or scale. Viewers may be drawn to content promising substantial value, growth, or an expansive scope of information. The perceived importance of the numbers can drive clicks and engagement.


These YouTube thumbnail trends leverage psychological triggers, curiosity, and clear communication to engage viewers and encourage them to click on the video, ultimately increasing the content’s reach and impact. Remember to ensure your thumbnail looks great in both light and dark mode to grab attention in any viewing experience.

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While your thumbnail plays a key role in attracting viewers to watch your video, your title plays an equal part in packaging an attractive YouTube video. Learn ways you can write captivating headlines in this next article.